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I am seeking models of all (LEGAL) ages for a variety of assignments, so that means all models 18 years of age and older. The assignments range from simple tease to hardcore. This means there are assignments where the model is able to shoot in just lingerie, bikini or topless; and there are assisgnments where a model is required to shoot nude with open legs, using toys, and possibly with other females and males in either softcore or hardcore styles. Each model will have to decide which assignment is right for her. However, it must be noted that only the absolutely most stunning models will eventually get to shoot in just lingerie. Most of the work available involves nudity, and insertions (Continental style). However, there is work for just lingerie, bikini, topless and normal tame nudes, just not as much or as high paying. Models can either be fully shaved, fully hairy or have a neat landing strip. It is also the better paying work as well.

Shoots are conducted in the following countries and cities
The United Kingdom (London, Manchester, Surrey, Birmingham, Nottingham, Milton Keynes)
The United States of America (New York, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, California, Dallas, Houston)
Sweden (Malmo, Gothenburg, Stockholm)
Denmark (Copenhagen)
Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Windsor, Niagara Falls)

When applying, be sure to supply the following information because each client I shoot for needs this to check against their respective databases to verify if you have already been shot for them, or have already been approved (or rejected) to shoot with them. There are no two ways about it. The following information MUST be supplied in order for you to be considered, and subsequently (hopefully) approved:

  • Real (Legal) Name
  • Stage Names (Past and Present)
  • Date of Birth
  • 4 Casting Images (either no make up; or VERY light, natural-looking make up) - See Samples Below
Half Body - Front Full Body - Front Full Body - Side Full Body - Back
If approved for the shoot, we will then discuss travel arrangements, shoot locations and all other necessary details. In order for a shoot to go ahead, you MUST provide at the very start TWO (2) forms of ID, of which one must be a government issued photo ID, such as a driver's licence, national ID or passport. The other can be either a birth certificate or bank card.